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Jason Walker

@ WimVriend,

What do you mean with the VJoy interface? Does the 4C use that to output data?

I think so … from what i’ve read the headtracking function is done in software (via infinite screen extension) which use vJoy to output headtracking yaw,pitch and maybe roll.

i could be wrong as info is difficult to find hard info .. was hoping that there would be more development going on in these forums… ?

Am just installing Tobii SDK now …. going to see if i can write me own middleware …. but would be good to know from other 4c users if your HTNIR plugin works ok as its not working for me. It looks like its talking to the tobii api but the data stream format/source is incorrect …

is the code for your FTNIR plugin open source ?

Looking forward to using this tech as i can see the potential from the tobii demos .. if i could get your plugin working then vjoy (or other joystick emulation) is exactly what i need for my application (currently using xbox controller thumb stick for x,y position on screen)