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Jason Walker

@ Alex [Tobii],

I’m not using a AAA engine like Unity so working in C++ …. can you please confirm if my understanding of the headtracking function (above post) of the 4c is correct .. if so then why is it not possible to create generic game profiles that output vjoy (or freetrack) data …. you already have the vjoy libs included in the install of ISE so why is ISE only limited to games with direct support … ???

I think if you could add the ability to ISE to create generic profiles then the tobii could be used with many existing applications (and games) …. seems very odd that such an important feature is missing from tobii products so we have to develope our own middleware to drive other middleware like opentrack or HTNIR …

I know its young tech and still finding its feet but adding the above would open the tech to many more users .. resulting in higher sales ???

I was developing my own wireless tracker for my application but was tempted to try tobii 4c once i read about the headtracking using vjoy but as it stands the product is not quite as ‘open’ as your marketing and reviews would have you belive .. i can see the potential its there in the demos .. you just need to find a easy way for users to unlock that potential and use it as they want to rather than locking down to apps and games that are specifically written for it …

Just my two cents … and giving you some feed back