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Jason Walker

@ Wim Vriend,

If Vjoy is used, then there is no need for middleware or even using the Tobbii tracker plugin for FaceTrackNoIR: you could simply use the Joystick tracker for FaceTrackNoIR!

Not sure what you mean by this, surely FTNIR needs a input device (in this case tobii 4C) … i’m not interested in basic camera head tracking …. i want to use eye tracking to perform sudo head tracking … which is exactly what Tobii claim for the 4C but in reality is limited to just a few software titles via ISE.

No matter … i made great progress yesterday … have written my own middleware which takes the 4C gaze data and converts it to a data stream format which i send to OpenTrack … OT has a very good version of the Accela filter which i use to smooth the 4C data stream and convert to vjoy head-tracking output .. its working well .. I need to optimise my code further and remove the debug which i’ll do today but its working as i want.

Just a shame that Tobii don’t make a official input driver for OT and/or FTNIR …. its not difficult .. their SDK is not too shabby and i had the basics of my solution up and running after around six hours of development …having official support for these 3rd party tracking solutions would open the device up to so many other users, i know that to get the maximum from the device the target software should support the Tobii devices directly and thus negate middleware but OpenTrack and FTNIR are great solutions for legacy software … which is probably the biggest target market right now ….

I would still like to try your plugin for FTNIR and compare the results to my OpenTrack solution but as detailed in a earlier post its not working for me …