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Thanks! @grant-rogers

I mean, EyeX should let user decide to abort the installation or continue it to overwrite the files when detecting a “successful” installation. Actually, I manually edited the registry and deleted the directories of Tobii, including the hidden ones I can find. However, it is still unable to reinstall EyeX.

EyeX stably works in Windows 7. But I notice a situation, maybe it is a bug. In the interface of “Test and recalibrate”, when I choose “track left eye”, for example, close the interface and then open it again, I find EyeX does not keep the tracking state. It will automatically switch to “track both eyes”. At first, I thought there was something I missed to confirm the choice, such as recalibration. So I started the process of recalibration to test it again after choosing a specific eye. Unfortunately, EyeX still lost the state ……