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Grant [Tobii]

Hi @mohagan35, For both fixations modes, the following is true:
·         Fixations are NOT area-based, they are velocity-based. Because of dynamic adjustments of parameters, depending on the users current precision, this results in different effective fixation areas, among other things depending on user, location on screen and current eye tracking performance.
·         From “clean slate”, both are equally quick to start a fixation.
·         During a fixation, the data delivered from the filter is smoothed to show a more stable fixation point.
·         Between fixations, no data is sent from the filter.
The main difference between the two is that the sensitive fixation filter will leave existing fixations as soon as it seems to not be valid anymore, while the “slow” (bad naming I think) will hold off on leaving in case the data was misleading and the fixation resumes in the same spot (i.e. similar to merging fixations in analytical applications).

I hope this answers your question!