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Clippy’s mouse control via 4C sounds exactly like what I want. I have the EyeX and had hoped it would help me keep my hands over the keyboard and avoid having to reach for the mouse. Unfortunately, the EyeX lacks the necessary accuracy. I kind of knew that already going in based on reading of these forums, but nevertheless, I felt the need to try it 😉 (You can find my initial amateurish attempt using AutoHotKey here: http://developer.tobii.com/community/forums/topic/accessing-gaze-data-stream-with-autohotkey/)

I do have a few questions:

1) How difficult would it be to isolate mouse control from the rest of Clippy? I’m not really interested in the other functionality of Clippy. If need be, I’ll try my hand at isolating it myself if/when I get a 4C. (I’m hoping for a discount similar to one that I missed that was offered to fans of Elite Dangerous who already owned an EyeX. But, that may be wishful thinking.)

2) Any idea if Clippy’s mouse control works with EyeX? (Obviously without the head tracking accuracy of 4C.) I can test this myself, but thought I’d ask first.

3) You’ve already managed to incorporate head tracking into your mouse control (based on eye positioning I think), even though Alex points out that head tracking API is not yet available. When the API becomes available, would that simplify/improve things in any way on your end?