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I can confirm that Clippy’s mouse control works with my EyeX, although accuracy is lacking, as expected. Still, I’ll try using it for a longer period of time to see if it helps reduce my dependence on the mouse at all. I still hope to get a 4C eventually, though.

As for clipboard management, I’ll keep using Clippy for that, too, to see if I warm up to it. I should point out that Clipjump doesn’t do exactly what I want either. It probably has a lot of extra functionality that I don’t use. The primary feature I use is CTRL+V to paste the last item; CTRL+V,V to paste the 2nd last item; CTRL+V,V,V to paste the 3rd last item; etc. I don’t really want any UI to get in my way.

My ideal clipboard manager would be very much like Registers from jEdit (which I think is based on the concept of Registers from Emacs). Basically, there are multiple, independent clipboards. With easy-to-use key combos, I can copy/cut/paste directly to/from any clipboard. But, I want that functionality system-wide.

Anyway, this is probably getting off-topic. If I keep using Clippy for its clipboard management, I may poke you with some ideas/requests via GitHub. Or, I might try my hand at using it as a basis to implement my ideal clipboard manager.

Thanks a bunch!