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Agree, Tobii is missing a big part of the market with Mac. Mac has historically been the best OS for accessibility, with greater UX consistency & quality in both OS and apps than Windows – something that the accessibility market feels to a much greater degree than the average user.

And that’s just the existing accessibility market. These days people who use computers to make a living also tend to choose Mac. RSI is a huge issue for these workers, which affects the bottom line of companies they work for. Pursuing the market of preventative treatment for things like RSI would be a comparatively easy sell, as evidenced by the rapid adoption of ergonomic chairs in the 90s (for history of that market, listen to this: http://99percentinvisible.org/episode/edge-of-your-seat/).

Mice are horrible for us. Tobii has the technology to offer a better solution, hopefully one day they find the will.