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sorry, this will not answer your problem and i’m not a dev at all,
BUT i can’t find anyone else having the same problem with the latest software version.

aaand i can’t find older versions of the software to test :/

I’m on a Windows 10 (used for gaming and video creation / streaming) PC, so yes there’s a lot of stuff installed and probably not removed completley. Next refresh is planned after the Creators Update is really done and works without breaking everyones PCs 😉

Tried to install it using:

– start in Safe Mode
– disabled Kasperksy Internet Security
– Windows 8 compatibility mode (it started! but never finished and using ~20% CPU)
– Win 7 comp. mode. It told me i need .NET in a window that had bugged out fonts
– tried to repair .NET with Microsofts NetFxRepairTool, i ran some stuff, asked me alot and “couldn’t fix my problem”
– successfully validated my .NET install with https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/astebner/2008/10/13/net-framework-setup-verification-tool-users-guide/
no problems found, no idea what MS tool previously was doing :/
– uninstalled Visual C++ 2015 x86 and x64, tried to run the tobii installer
– reinstalled both runtimes, tried to run the tobii installer

please Tobii guys. Give us an error code or a log file we can work with. It’s the first software of 2017 i’m not able to work with; and i work with Software using Installer that look like Win 95.

i was able to install Infinite Screen Extension and the GameHub wihtout problems.