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Hi IM using this in Star Citizen. Has there been anymore development in getting the Tobii 4c head tracking working with facetracknoir. I have the Tobii eyex plug-in setup as input and the output set for facetrack (dll deselected under options setup). Not sure if I’d be able to use this to aim weapons but I lock gimbels anyway​ so no issue there. In the plug-in for Tobii i have it set to free360 sampling to 50 and 45 , deadzone set to 10. Smoothing set to 5. So far it works fairly well except for a few things. If I set to center it will not stay for more than a second even when I try and keep you head as still as possibe. The mouse courser constantly points to the left about 4 inches from center. Another thing is if I look hard left or right the screen will stay in that position for a few seconds before tracking resumes.
Is there a better way to set this up or something in the settings I’m doing wrong.