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Robert [Tobii]

Hi Hampus,

Yes, you can use your Tobii X1 Light Eye Tracker either with the Tobii Gaze SDK or Tobii Analytics SDK to extract the gaze coordinates from the eye tracker, convert it to screen coordinates and move the mouse pointer e.g. with the Win32 function SetCursorPos. It is a good way to demo and verify that the tracker is working.

However, to use this information for computer control requires careful filtering and extra features to avoid so-called “midas touch” and “mouse chase” effects. Tobii has done a lot of R&D on the assistive technology side and are starting to move away from the “move the mouse all the time” idea. Most of the time the eyes are in reading or searching mode, then you do not want any mouse cursor distracting you.

Here is an example of a software we have developed for this purpose: