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Masta Lomaster

Hi Elias and All!
You’ve mentioned Windows 8 and a 10″ display.
It sounds like you use something like Windows Surface tablet.
Then you most probably have a screen scale of 125% (default for this tablet).
The real resolution is 1920×1080, but the cursor coordinates are in the range of 1536×854.
(See screen resolution -> Make Text and other items larger or smaller ->
Medium – 125%, right?)

You might have been warned when you were starting “Tobii Showcase”: “Tobii Showcase is not compatible with a screen scale larger than 100%. Some demos might not work as expected. Do you want to continue?”

That is the reason you were missing in the Windows 8 launch menu and in the mixed gaze and mouse exercise. Set the “Make Text and other items larger or smaller” to 100% and try once again. You’ll be surprised how precise the pointing is…

You need to take this into account when creating your own applications. I do it like this (it works, but not sure it’s the perfect way):


ZeroMemory (&dm, sizeof (dm));
EnumDisplaySettings (NULL, ENUM_CURRENT_SETTINGS, &dm);


P.S. Sorry for returning you back from Nirvana…