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Masta Lomaster

I wonder why Tobii still keeps this “Tobii Showcase is not compatible with a screen scale larger than 100%” incompatibility.

Almost 100% of the laptop users have this “Make Text and other items larger” parameter set, and all of them are disappointed with the Showcase.

Scenario looks like this:
1 The user starts the “Tobii Showcase” and gets the warning.
2. “Hmm, I still want to try this..” and pushes the button to continue
3. Calibration runs perfectly. The user forgets about the warning. “Wow, it runs!”
4. SOME demos are not sensitive to this HighDPI settings, and run OK
5. Finally the user cannot push the windows8 button, cannot hit the asteroids…. “Hmm, this device is [still] not mature… Will sell it or wait for a new firmware”.

Hey, Tobii folks! It’s just a few lines of code. You are missing the opportunity to impress people!