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I decided to use the Core SDK and have been following the ‘Getting started’ page.
I searched for the SDK on NuGet Manager but there seem to be three packages that I need instead of one single package.
Interaction, Framework and EyeX. I installed all of them and copied in the code from the Streams
section in Getting Started – https://tobii.github.io/CoreSDK/articles/streams.html

However I am receiving an error message for this line :

_unfilteredGazePointDataStream = _host.Streams.CreateGazePointDataStream(GazePointDataMode.Unfiltered);

cannot convert from ‘Tobii.EyeX.Framework.GazePointDataMode’ to ‘Tobii.Interaction.Framework.GazePointDataMode’

I suppose it is probably to do with the SDK as I copied and pasted the code directly from the Streams page