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Hello! I am new with Eye tracking and I am doing project for college and decided to make a game in Unity(version of a flappy bird) and use EyeX in the simplest possible way and that is to find out the coordinates of my game object and find out the coordinates where my eyes have looked while playing that game ,and basically to compare those two.
I have found the script in Assets/Tobii/DemoScenes/Scripts/Example01 -> PrintGazePosition. Maybe it is a silly question but I’m having trouble with that script, I added it to my player(main gameobject) and I don’t know where it is supposed to print those coordinates and should I add something to that script because it constantly reports error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
(Maybe you have other suggestion for my problem )

P.S. Unity 5.5 3D project , but it is made as a 2D game 😉

Please,help I’m running out of time! 🙂