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Hi Grant, hi Tobii,
My idea would be using an overhead projector to calibrate the Tobii with it.
I need to use the Tobii with a quite big screen (I know there is a loss of accuracy but it is still precise enough).
Then I am using a Matlab Toolbox to get the gaze coordinates (in pixels) and will do the math to have it in mm.

No problem to calibrate with the overhead projector, it worked, and the coordinates where correctly given.
But I do not have access to the projector constantly, so my question would be:
Is there a way to overrule the Tobii eye-tracking re-calibration request, each time you connect/disconnect a screen?
Is there a way to access to the calibration profiles?

My project aim is to integrate the Tobii in a car, to follow the driver’s gaze, so with no screen at all.
But the first step would be keep using the projector’s calibration with smaller screen.

Thank you by advance,