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Grant [Tobii]

Hi @yannrl7, ok thanks for the clarification. Yes, as I posted previously, it seems the only way to circumvent this is through the low level Stream Engine API for which little support is provided (As necessitated by the extremely basic nature of the API).

Have you tried already looking at this as a possible solution? Certainly, via the Interaction API, the ability to avoid recalibration when changing screens is not available.

Details of the Stream Engine online @ http://developer.tobii.com/tobii-core-sdk/

Something else to consider potentially is using the Tobii Pro SDK which is compatible with your eye tracker, however this requires a special licence to operate but again may be better suited for the custom environment you wish you work with.

You can read more about the Tobii Pro SDK @ http://developer.tobii.com/tobii-pro-sdk/