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Rainer Ziller

I also got a Curved 34″ monitor now. For me, the tracking seems to be a bit more of than with the supported 27″ monitor size, but that is to be expected.
But even before, tracking wasn’t quite accurate, anyway (Seems to be always a bit off to the right. A doctor once told me that I am a tad cross-eyed. But nothing someone would notice when looking at me).

For getting the eye tracker attached, I 3D-printed something with the curve of the monitor on one side, 20mm thick which I then attached with Tesa Powerstrips to the monitor and attached the Eyex metal strip to that. Works like a charm.

For creating the 3D-print I used “Paint 3D” which comes with Windows 10.
Look up the curvature of the monitor (Something like 3000, 1800, or even 1500), this is the mm of the radius that the monitor describes. Then create a cylinder with a diameter 2x that (d = 2*r), and then crop out a rectangle with 110mm length at the edge of that cylinder. As easy as that.