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Grant [Tobii]

Hi @stratus,

>> 1. I’d like to know that which program can I take more accurate coordinates.

Fixation is not more or less accurate than gaze, they are just rather different concepts as detailed in the previous post.

>> Which program is better one to get almost the same coordinates when I stare a point on screen?

So, certainly if you are trying to keep a consistency in which coordinates are being reported when gazing over a similar part of the screen, then the Gaze Data Stream is what you need.

>> “Gaze data and Fixation data with Same timestamp and project”

The timestamps will necessarily be different due the different nature of both these data stream. You will never have both the exact same value as fixation are a an averaged values of many timestamps with gaze data taken at a specific time (although with filtering applied)

I suspect that for your needs, you should focus only on the Gaze Data Stream,
and with lightly filtering applied.

However, if you need true raw precision without any filtering (which is what I gather from your post?) then it might be best for you to look at the Tobii Core SDK stream engine


Where you get the gaze coordinates on screen without any filtering applied.

Please bear in mind that the Core SDK licence is intended only for interactive and gaming purposes.

Saving or transmitting gaze data in any form is considered analytical use and will violate user privacy. You can find a copy of the detailed license terms @


Should you wish to store gaze data for analysis then it will be necessary for you to purchase the Tobii Pro SDK licence.