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Grant [Tobii]

Hi @generalfault, apologies for the delay in response, We have not forgotten about you!
Your user case is somewhat unique so I am trying to find the best solution for your needs.

Certainly, you will need installed the EyeX Engine (Tobii Interaction SW) to run the Core SDK in conjunction
with any eye tracker which is where an issue arises.

You correctly raised the possibility of a problem with conflict with the Gaze Interaction software used on the I-12.
The TGIS, which is based on the now deprecated Gaze SDK, will have separate handling of configuration and calibration.

Core SDK will require the TETC to installed and that requires a separate configuration and calibration to run, and by default the configuration will not be correct (assumes eye tracker right under screen). Depending of what configuration program runs last the result will differ. Accordinly we don’t recommend this combination.

Please bear with us whilst we try to find a better alternative for you.