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Thank you for your reply
I am a little bit confused so pls help me
I am using Microsoft visual studio express 2012
and I mainly code in C++
when I go to the link http://developer.tobii.com/tobii-core-sdk/ to download Core SDK
there are 2 options: I think Tobii Interaction API Install is good for basic applications
I think Nuget installation would not be available to VS2012, am I right?
for the other DLL installation, it is written:
Browse for the downloaded Interaction.Model.dll and Tobii.Interaction.Net.dll and add these libraries.
I am confused from where to get these exactly??

I think I need to do this step before running the samples right?
I already downloaded the CoreSDK from this link you provided: https://github.com/Tobii/CoreSDK but I can not find these DLLs

I also tried to do the steps for Nuget installation but I have this error:

Error 1 This project references NuGet package(s) that are missing on this computer. Use NuGet Package Restore to download them. For more information, see http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=322105. The missing file is ..\..\packages\Tobii.Interaction.0.7.1\build\Tobii.Interaction.targets. C:\Users\NeuralPC\Documents\TobiiCoreSDK\CoreSDK-master\samples\Wpf\Interaction_Wpf_101\Interaction_Wpf_101.csproj 136 5 Interaction_Wpf_101

can you please help what to do to be able to run the samples??
and also are there any VC++ samples? these are in C# right?