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Thank you very much
I will take a look at it
Can I ask if there is similar samples/examples for visual C++??

and for the not working feature in Windows 10 Fall creator update here is a link for a video I recorded:

basically, I am trying to use Windows feature to click on a textbox, I choose the mouse from the Windows eyetracking toolbar on top, then perform the click, but actually the cursor after the click doesn’t appear on the textbox, it apprears on the label beside it. I try to use the keyboard to type and it doesn’t because the cursor is simply not in the textbox

I then click on a clear area to bring the next slide, which now has 2 textboxes, I try to click on the one on the right but but the click is actually performed on the left one and the cursor appears on the left one. I try to type the text qppears on the left one although i clicked on the right!

I then try to click on the “confirm button” but actually it clicks outside of it and brings the next slide…

Can somebody tell me why this feature is not working as it supposed to be?