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Hi again,

First of all, thank you for your help 🙂 even if the problem is not solved yet.

I realized to work around the problem (simply, I extended the RadioButton class and added a Rectangle to its fields, which works as occluder. I simply assign the behavior to the rectangle instead of the RadioButton).

Anyway, I’m not able anyway to get the “gazeable area” under a defined dimension… I mean: even if the Rectangle gets smaller, the problem is the same, the occluder doesn’t go under a certain dimension.
Is there an “automatic limit” for any shape?

I tried using a polygonal shape instead of a Rectangle (class Polygon), but I got very strange problems.
It was like only two polygons got the gaze aware ability, and only on a vertical span! I mean, they got reactive as they were occupying all the screen, from the bottom to the upper part!!
Is there any known issue with the Polygon class? Am I using the wrong class?