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Samuel Engelman

The Core software is installed.

Before I post my whole project, I’ll try posting the relevant lines of code.

In my xaml file:

                <Setter Property="tobii:Behaviors.IsTentativeFocusEnabled" Value="True"></Setter>
                <Setter Property="tobii:Behaviors.IsActivatable" Value="True"></Setter>
                <EventSetter Event="tobii:Behaviors.ActivationFocusChanged" Handler="Button_Action_HasActivationChanged" />
                <EventSetter Event="tobii:Behaviors.Activated" Handler="Button_Action_Activated" />

In my code behind:

public void Button_Action_HasActivationChanged(object sender, ActivationFocusChangedRoutedEventArgs e)
public void Button_Action_Activated(object sender, ActivationRoutedEventArgs e)

The first event is firing on the deployment machine but the second isn’t. On the dev machine, both in debug mode and not, both events are firing.