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Michael Lehner

Out of curiosity: does the joystick still work in your configuration after uninstalling the software? Means, is it still connected?

Why i ask this is simple: i also have a Saitek HOTAS. (Yea, yours is now labeled Logitech, but that’s only because Logitech a few months ago bought Saitek. From a technical side, it’s still both Saitek. ) I ran into several reliability issues with USB devices when i added the HOTAS to my system.

It turned out that the problem basically is not even on the joystick, but that many mainboard USBs are not completely compliant to specifications. The HOTAS requires power close to the upper limit of what it’s allowed to get over USB, but many mainboard USB controllers don’t provide the necessary power seperately for each USB plug, but rather splits it up. As long as there’s no really power hungry device connected, that’s prefectly fine, but when a greedy one like a Saitek HOTAS is connected, all devices on the same USB controller basically run on too low power. This leads to a number of strange effects.

The normal fix for a Saitek HOTAS is to connect it to a powered USB hub. I have no idea if that’s your problem, but if your HOTAS and your EyeX are both connected to the same USB controller on your mainboard, then it could deserve further investigation. (E.g. many mainboards actually have more than one USB controller on board. Then put the HOTAS on one controller and all the other devices on another controller, or if you have a powered USB controller available, use that one for the HOTAS. )

I can be completely on the wrong track here, but i know that the power greed of my Saitek HOTAS gave me problems like that, so i think i at least should mention this possibility. 🙂