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Yea i Actually bought Two different .


I will post again if anything GOOD comes out of it.

I think Best Results will be with the all Black one, i just have a feeling these could also DECREASE stability since it would detect an EYE sized Pupil.

Since i cant really access the Tobii 4C iR Camera Images , i dont really know how the cameras actually catch the IR reflection in an Eye…
I was hoping you guys could tell me more, does it track the pupil which is black, or does it also detects the white around the eye.

ALSO if you guys would consider This project for the future, If it REALLY has impact on Accuracy,
For future Reference :::
I really think a slight modification of THIS MODEL


Could be something GENIUS!!! For exemple rather then Detecting 1/2 Color in the eye , it could detect 3/4 instead.
IF THAT is how the Core Even works X”D I’m sure Developers would see the Model and figure out something Similar .

Thank you Grant,
Thanks to all of you Tobii, Amazing community.