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I HATE windows…and feel your pain. I always start to sweat, when the PC asks me not to shut down, because of updates. It always seems like Windows themselves have no idea what they are doing. I read somewhere else, that the problem might be, that framework IS installed, but they somehow changed the recognition number back and forth (as I said, I have no true idea about computer languages besides the most basic html) and now programs have trouble to recognize the tool.

I hope I can fix it somehow else. It’s such a waste of time and nerves to setup a PC, especially if you moved and have no idea where the clean image is. Plus, I bet that there will be other problems waiting to be solved after the clean install. -_- And I just wanted to treat myself with a new gadget…

I did something with cmd “sfc/scannow” and of course it found broken data. The log is rather large, so no way that I can post it here. I swear, I cry if I have to do a clean install and find Tobii is still not working. I truly will.