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Grant [Tobii]

Hi @jamiesugar, whilst there is some software that will allow you to ‘overlay’ eye tracking abilities on top of a game, thus enabling a form of gaze control, in general the game developers themselves are encouraged rather to integrate eye tracking direcltly within the game itself.

If you check out the Tobii Game Hub, you will find there in a list of supported games with eye tracking that demonstrate what I mean about ‘native’ eye tracking support.

Accordingly, if you would like to use eye tracking in a game that does not have this level of integration then it’s best to look at which software is being ran that allow this. For example, with the Tobii Mouse warp you can use micro movements of the mouse to adjust where you look or Windows Eye Control module to emulate mouse movements. Indeed, there are several third party solutions such as http://www.xcessity.at/ which aim to make eye tracking in all games possible, with varying results depending on the game itself.

I would advise experimenting with these solutions if your game of choice does not yet have eye tracking support integrated and of course it might be an idea to suggest this feature on the game developers own forum! 🙂