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Hi Grant!

I replugged the 4c to the back of my pc instead of monitors 3.0 ports. Getting the same results in both connections, no powered hub. I rightclick on the systemtray icon select quit on both gamehub and then eyetracker and 4c is still lit. Its not really a problem, but I dont know, haha maybe just want to turn it off when not using it =).
I noticed that when im not using it the eye icons in systray have to x:es over them, presumably its not tracking and maybe went down to some hibernation state?

System Specs
Asus p8z77 vpro /all the latest updates, well as far back as they were the latest =)
i7 3770k watercooled (a bit old, but gets the job done)
16gb ddr3
gtx 1080ti /all the latest updates
win 10 enterprise /all the latest updates