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Robert [Tobii]

Hi Mark,

Thank you for the clarification. We could not run Stalker: Lost Alpha due to a debug.assert() crash at startup, but I see your point.

The idea of the Pointer Teleport functions in EyeX for Windows is to work everywhere in Windows. If there are use cases where it does not work or of you have have feedback or feature requests, please locate the EyeX notification area icon and select “Send feedback”.
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Note that the concepts in EyeX for Windows is based on the desktop use case and that the solution implemented therein is not enough to be compatible with all full-screen games. There is probably room for another more gaming-focused product.

The idea of creating a “virtual” input device combining eye tracking + mouse is very interesting, although I think it is hard to create something that works universally well in all games. The TrackIR solution could also be an option as you say. Tobii is constantly researching and innovating in this area and more products or prototypes related to gaming will be presented later on. Until then we appreciate any help from 3rd party developers wanting to contribute in making computer games even more immersive and effortless to interact with.