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Thanks for replying and trying to help, i´ve done everything you say and the recomendations at GitHub.com but to no avail. I rolled back to Windows v.1709. Now the eye tracker won´t even lit up. Back to Windows v.1803, did a system repair, same thing : Tobii device seems dead. Installation of the core program stops at 50% and stays there for hours with the message “Updating… 50% completed. Half way there!”
Two full days spend trying to make it work again and 159 euros wasted, that´s too much for me. Only thing left to do is a clean Windows installation, i´m sure it will work again but i won´t go through that.
I´ll put it on sale at e-bay and buy DelanClip, from what i´ve seen it doesn´t require much and it has a very affordable price.
Again, thanks for taking the time to help.