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Grant [Tobii]

Hi @riabhatia24, okay thank you for the clarification. I understand now that you developed the game with the intention of having the mouse cursor as the primary (or only) means of interaction and that you hoped the Tobii 4C would emulate the mouse movement directly?

I am afraid this is something for which the eye tracking is most certainly not designed as the inherent jitter nature of eye movement and inability to realise precise locations is not something that can be surmounted technologically. (if you were to take gaze coordinates as mouse cursor location, the cursor would be in a a constant state of jerky motion and not the smooth experience you might expect)

Indeed, the Tobii Dynavox Business Unit which is devoted to Assistive clients (such as those with CP) does not use a mouse emulation system but one very similar to that you saw in Windows 10 Eye Control.

For this reason we have specific Interaction SDK’s that rather than emulating the mouse will rather create gaze aware component of an application.

Whilst I did find some software that might do what you want (CameraMouse, GazePointer, PrecisionGazePointer) these are 3rd party tools and not necessarily compatible or supported with Tobii Eye Tracker 4C. Perhaps there are other tools available but again I am afraid mouse emulation is not a concept we encourage, sorry I can’t be of better help for you.