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Hi Grant,
thank you for your quick reply and offer to help.
I use an TOBII EyeX as part of my final degree’s project’s equipment, and actually it serves my requirements quite well:
I need to acquire raw gaze data I can scrutinize for specific reactions of the user in real-/near time.
The missing data token now is whether the user switches gaze velocity, and this is where the time information is required.
Jenny already provided an excellent proposal for handling the time stamp above, but I just wanted to double check, whether the time stamp-data-mapping truly is constant over time.
I.o.w.: does the time stamp always refer to the same point in time of the device internal data acquisition procedure and therefore would be a feasible criterion to measure gaze velocity?
Since variances are technically unavoidable, it would also be interesting to learn how big the variances can typically get for an EyeX (i.e.: just the variances of the data acquisition/frame capturing, leaving aside all the latencies arising in the subsequent process chain).
That would be a big help.
Thank you.