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Kristin S

Hi Clare,

We have this recurring issue as well. Originally, the solution referenced on this thread helped (assuming you’re using a dual screen setup).

If you are using dual screens, before you start deleting updates, try clicking your mouse on the non-recording screen desktop area to switch the screen focus. If you run a recording with live viewer, your live viewer recording screen will change from black to whatever stimuli you’re actually presenting. Otherwise you can just check out the recording in replay to see if the screen focus switch resolved the recording issue.

As different versions of updates roll-out, we continue to face this issue. I end up tracking down whichever *seems* to be causing it and uninstalling it to resolve the issue.

I’ve run this up the chain at tobiipro support several times (per the link Grant listed) and invariably been told that our Tobii products were not designed to function with external programs like Matlab, so there’s nothing more they can do. I hope you have better luck!

We’ll be removing our machine from the network in the hope of preserving a functional state as the update deletion workaround is untenable relative to both security and long-term machine functionality, but short term it’s worth a shot!