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Rasa Bhattarai

Hello Tobii team,

I did everything as told but nothing seems to be working. Would you please help me out to solve this problem ?

public GazeAware _gazeAwareComp;
void Start()
        _gazeAwareComp = GetComponent<GazeAware>();

    void Update()
      if (_gazeAwareComp.HasGazeFocus)
         // Some code

My hierarchy window is like this:
Main Camera
Directional light

The Main Camera is also enabled.

When I play the button, the ball starts moving in a circle and the camera works fine. I did everything as suggested by you. I added GazeAware component in my Player game object and the code above. But it still shows the same error.

Sorry for this same question. But i am having real trouble using gazeaware.