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Grant [Tobii]

Hi @rasa,

Is it available only for Tobii pro eye trackers because the one I have is Tobii Eye X ?

That’s correct. It may be possible to use the software in conjunction with the EyeX but this requires the purchase of a special unlock licence (the same licence you would need to use the EyeX with the Tobii Pro SDK)

oes the above mentioned details regarding accuracy, precision etc. from the research article also valid to Tobii Eye X ?

No, the whitepaper quoted has only been verified to be applicable to the EyeX. No internal document has been produced comparable with the EyeX in mind as this is intended as a consumer/gaming product and not for scientific or analytical use.

Do we have to create the test experiment designs by ourselves or we can use some software to measure the accuracy and precision of Tobii Eye X ?

Yes, in the same way that the author of the research article (Gibaldi et al) did perform, but I would say that you can cite their results directly for your own use. However, please bear in mind that using the EyeX for analytical or research purposes is expressly forbidden in the licence agreement without the purchase of a special licence to do so.

Further details @ https://analyticaluse.tobii.com/?utm_source=developer.tobii.com