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Grant [Tobii]

Hi @tbozinis. Thanks for your query. If you feel the regular calibration after setup is inadequate, you can run the 9-point calibration to improve eye tracking accuracy and performance. If you click on the Tobii Core Software in the System Tray Icon, then click on your name at the bottom right (just next to the moving eyes), you should see an option to “test and improve calibration”

This will demonstrate to you graphically the accuracy across the 9 points of your screen. You can also choose to improve calibration here by clicking on that option on the screen.

In addition to recalibrating it is also useful to consider improving environmental conditions such as: ensuring no strong sources of infrared light (open windows, strong spotlights) are present near the eye tracker, the user is not wearing heavy makeup or facial piercings and that the user is positioned at an optimal distance of around 30cm between tracker and eyes.

Please go through these and let us know how you get on. Thanks.