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Michael Lehner

In terms of AntiVirus: there’s stuff active, yes. Of course WindowsDefender is active. Additionally, the ProcessExplorer crosschecks all processes at startup against VirusTotal. In theory i could allow GlassWire to also check all processes against that, but that’s redundant and thus switched off.

On other games, i have checked with GuildWars 2 and with Vermintide. The first one has no EyeTracking support, the GameHub stays around 1.5% of CPU use and the Tobii.EyeX.Engine.Exe also stays around 3% CPU. Vermintide has native support for the eyetracker and doesn’t use the GameHub. With the game running, Tobii.EyeX.Engine.Exe is between 4% and 5%k of CPU use. (I started and stopped the game several times, as i didn’t expect this to happen. But while Vermintide running apparently leads to more activity, below 5% still is no problem, i would say. ) The GameHub, as expected, stays at around 1.5% of CPU use.

Only when i start Elite Dangerous, the GameHub (more exactly: Tobii.Service.exe) starts using a lot of CPU time. If you need more details on something, please let me know.