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Thanks Grant!

Some additional questions:

Is there a maximum area that the X2-30 will be able accurately track? My screen setup is approximately 75in x 45in in total and is meant to be operated by the test subject up close, like a normal desktop setup.
How much eye tracking accuracy can I expect for this setup?
Will there be an outer limit/”dead zone” along the outer edges of the outside screens where the eye trackers aren’t able to record data?

What is the Tobii analysis software’s capabilities as far as overlaying the collected data with the images being shown on-screen? I assume this is something that would have to be done in post-processing and couldn’t be done automatically.

How would calibration work for this setup? I’ve had a previous experience with Tobii eye trackers, which was confined to a standard-single screen setup- would it be as simple as calibrating on a single screen before beginning testing?