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Grant [Tobii]

Hi @tbozinis, could you kindly clarify your hardware setup as Dynavox is not typically supported on this forum which is generally dedicated to the Tobii Tech range of eye trackers.

However, in terms of running custom calibration setups, a couple of options are possible depending on your hardware and licence agreement:

If you have the appropriate analysis licence, you can use the Tobii Pro SDK which does indeed support placing calibration points and predetermined parts of the screen.

Also the Tobii Core SDK Stream Engine API supports custom calibration but this requires the purchase of a special licence (and justification) for doing so and will only work with select eye tracker models.

Certainly, from a non-SDK perspective, I am afraid there is no software we produce that will allow you to run this kind of customised calibration setup directly.
I will ask on your behalf if we can release the stock animation we use, but of course this would only be of use in a development (SDK) environment.

If you could also indicate which SDK you are using or intend to use, that would be most helpful.