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Rasa Bhattarai


I want to add some more information about my previous question.

From the Article, it specifies that it calculated saccade velocity and acceleration using two point differentiator. From the position(degree) vs time figure in this article, I tried to calculate saccade velocity using the method specified in this Stackexchange platform. (Since the platform question specifies ‘Use a set of data points from a graph to find a derivative’).

Based on the method, I tried to manually calculate(thinking there might be variation of approx few degrees) using the formula specified, the value I obtained is : (10-0)deg / (0.3-0.1)sec = 50 deg/second. But for the transition from 0.2 to 0.3 in velocity vs time graph, it shows reaching 400 deg/second. I am confused regarding this. How is it possible to reach such huge value ? Is there any problem in my calculation ?

Sorry for such detailed question in the tobii platform. But it is very clear to me from your explanation.

Thank you