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I followed this discussion since I had a similar problem. My computer is from late 2010 so my motherboard doesn’t have USB 3.0 controller. I had an extension card installed from the very beginning though. It’s a Digitus A-30220-1 with a NEC D720200 chipset on it (http://www.digitus.info/sv/produkter/archiv/2-port-usb-30-pci-express-karte-ds-30220-1/). When plugging in the EyeX, all drivers were recognized properly but the EyeX settings panel wouldn’t be able to connect to the tracker.

What I did was update not only the driver but also the firmware for my chipset. NEC is now called Renesas – finding drivers for this older model on their site was impossible.

station-drivers.com has a pretty complete collection though: http://www.station-drivers.com/index.php/downloads/Drivers/Renesas-Nec/USB-3.0/

So I downloaded controller firmware version and the WHQL driver and rebooted. Connecting the EyeX resulted in the updating firmware dialog again (which was there before) but it again vanished without any information. I then re-connected the EyeX cable again and suddenly the windows driver dialog would show that the Tobii Flasher Program was being installed and from there on i got the tracker to light up and work.

So I guess the crucial part is to find out the chipset of your USB controller and then get the latest driver and/or firmware for it. If it’s on your motherboard you should get the information about the controller from the tech specs on the vendor website.