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Grant [Tobii]

Hi @nillrr, thank for that although please let us know which eye tracker you are using as the EyeX requires a powered USB3 port to operate correctly.

I have been trying to determine if the Z87-G43 indeed has powered USB3 power, but the product page does not specify which frequently means they are not.
In any event, I found a number of users complaining about power issues with the board that were mostly resolved with a BIOS Update (latest version is v1.9)
so definitely check this.

Also, there is some software called MSI “Super Charger” which may be of use.

Also bheck the BIOS USB power setting and additionally within Windows under:

Power Options > Change plan settings > Advanced options > usb settings > disable USB selective suspend.

However, you mentioned the tracker also does not work on another system?

If you have gone through all these steps (including different USB ports of course) then it may indicate a physical problem with the tracker in which case you would need to contact Tech Support directly to discuss replacement of the device if under warranty.

Please go through what I have written and let me know, thanks.