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So far what I can see is that on the C++ side…

success = (txGetStateValueAsSize2(hStateBag, TX_STATEPATH_EYETRACKINGDISPLAYSIZE, &displaySize) == TX_RESULT_OK);
if (success) {
printf(“Display Size: %5.2f x %5.2f mm\n”, displaySize.Width, displaySize.Height);

I found this in an old sample I downloaded from I think 2015? It seems like TX_STATEPATH_ has most of the information I’m looking for. However, I’m not seeing any of the prefixed TX_ code samples on the API reference documentation anymore, so is this code deprecated in any way?

I then started trying to search the API reference for any “StatePath” code and found a page under … (https://developer.tobii.com/tobii-pro/)
Consumer Eye Trackers -> Core SDK -> API Reference -> Tobii.Interaction.Framework -> StatePaths
This seems like the C# equivalent stuff as the TX_STATEPATH code I mentioned above. I’d link the direct page but it 404’s when I try to go to the page directly.

I guess I’ll just summarize my questions here…

1) Is the TX_ code outdated and is there a replacement in the C++ side?
2) Can someone point me to an example where I can use the StatePaths in C#?
3) Is there not a search function on the API Reference? If not, that would be very very nice to have.