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In our application we have integrated several different eye tracker APIs already from different eye tracker producers.

Most of these eye tracker APIs enable us to operate the eye tracker’s internals like “Clicks should be triggered by blinking / staring/ not at all”.
Along with the notification of a blink, this enables us to trigger clicks ourselves instead of having the eye tracker do that.

Also, they enable us to show a camera window (what the eye tracker sees. In most cases it’s the original infrared camera window, and in some cases it’s a smiley that smiles if the eye tracker can successfully track the eye gaze and which shows a sad face if the eye tracker could not detect the eyes). Using a command like “_Host.ShowCameraWindow(120, 120);” would enable us to show this camera window wherever we like.

Can you please confirm that these 2 features are not available to users of the Core SDK and that there’s no other way to achieve this?

Thank you.