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Ok. Regarding the example Interactors_102:

Let’s assume I have a window where I drew 10×10 buttons (none have a handle of their own, they’re just drawn onto the graphics of myWindowHandle).

1. Each button needs an InteractorAgent, which I would create using
var interactorsAgent = host.InitializeVirtualInteractorAgent(myWindowHandle, “MyWindow”);
Is that right?

2. Should I do this for each button?

3. If yes, should I use an array of InteractorAgent for this?

4. What should I do when I (while running my application) delete the 10 buttons and draw 3 new buttons instead?

5. What should I do if I just want to tell Tobii that these are regions that it can click or stare? Is “.WithActivatable()” enough?

Thank you.