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Tom Gunston


Bump for enable/disable hotkey(unless already done in which case can you let me know?), and also hotkey option for gaze trace show/hide and ‘warp when moving pointer towards’ checkbox if you can. Hotkey options for everything is a good thing.

I have limtied hand function but use a PC all the time. I use voiceattack, dragon and tobii. VA scripts best, dragon has good dictation and a lot of default functions that I might not be bothered to script in VA, and Tobii gives me a mouse. Hot keys are critical when trying to integrate hands off systenm control.

Examples: If I am scripting a specific mouse move/click combination with VA then I don’t want Tobii interfering. Or I might want gaze trace out of the way when dictating. A few seconds later I might want Tobii back in action with gaze trace back on. Gaze trace is good for improving the accuracy of the mouse targetting, coupled with footswitches mapped to ‘jump to location’ and to each mouse button.

Macro to toolbar location is impractical as the right click options for tobii are open/quit with no disable. This is also impossible if running something full screen, and the Windows toolbar changes if I add/remove software so the macro has to be reset.