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Hello Denny! As a developer I reiterate that documentation is not accurate enough…

Example 1, Getting started
“We add the Tobii Core SDK package by:
Right click on the project’s reference folder and choose Manage NuGet Packages… from the menu.
Browse for the Tobii Core SDK package and click install. ”

Reality: there is no Nuget package called “Tobii Core SDK”. Visual Studio suggests “Tobii.Interaction”.

If you search only for “Tobii”, you get 7 references, with conflicting descriptions. Example:

* Tobii.Eye.Tracking Adds eye-tracking to your application to make it more interactive.
* Tobii.EyeX.Client The Tobii EyeX Client package provides basic connectivity to the Tobii EyeX Engine to support development of interactive gaze applications.
* Tobii.EyeX.Framework The Tobii EyeX Framework provides you with the tools needed to build interactive eye-gaze enabled applications. This package supports WPF, WinForms and generic .net applications.

The descriptions above do not help developers choose which package to install 🙂 I’m sure you have quick answers to all my comments, but the point of documentation is not to need the forum to get started.