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Grant [Tobii]

Hi @acecool, thank you for your detailed feedback and our sincere apologies that you have not had the experience that we strive to provide for all our customers.

A few suggestions for trying to improve accuracy. Ambient lighting can play a big factor, you could try eliminating and possible sources of Infrared light such as windows or strong spotlights from your environment? Might also be an idea (at least to test) positioning your computer to a different orientation to any window that may be close by. Feel free to send images of your setup for consideration.

Also, just in case you have any facial piercings, try removing them to see if the reflectivity from these is interfering.. also, do you have another user to test with to see if the accuracy issue is specific to you or generic? It may also be helpful if you could kindly send screenshots of the calibration test via the Tobii Interaction Software (tray icon) after selecting ‘improve calibration’ to see where the problematic areas are.

Regarding Vjoy, I am afraid for the time being we still have this necessity implemented, although I will of course pass along your excellent feedback to the developers for consideration in a future release. Thanks for your patience whilst we try to resolve your issues best we can.