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Grant [Tobii]

Hi @kazujin-tenno and thanks for your comments. As you may be aware, the Tobii Tech range of eye trackers (4C, EyeX) are intended to workalongside traditional input devices such as keyboard and mice rather than replace them, so we have not prioritised including in our own software the means the blink, dwell etc as an interaction means, but of course have exposed via our SDK the means to implement this for interested users, which as you mentioned does indeed require programming skill or the games manufacturer themselves to implement these features.

You mentioned already project IRIS which lacks the features you are looking for. Have you checked out already the Eye Control feature recently introduced in Windows 10? https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4043921/windows-10-get-started-eye-control

Although it doesn’t have the customisability you may be looking for, it could possibly serve as a workaround to help you achieve hands-free computing.

In terms though of implementing the custom features you after in IRIS, Ghost, etc, we would certainly recommend also posting on their own forum or support channel.. and perhaps there other interested users may have since found 3rd party solutions for your needs. It would also be worth making these feature requests on the game manufacturers own forums as user interest is a big driver of development in this area!